Lexington Window Repair

Look no further! We are your Window Repair service in Lexington, Massachusetts.

Our quick, reliable window repair services will get your home back to tip-top shape as soon as we can. We never sacrifice quality for speed, and we make sure our clients know we value their repeat business and referrals. We are not interested in providing sub-standard window repairs.

Before we begin reparative work or offer a fixed price, we will first seek to identify the cause of the problems. Sometimes, what meets the eye is not what needs most urgent addressing.

Our service representatives may begin with a thorough questionnaire.

What kind of window do you need repaired?
What is the manufacture and install date?
Are there immediate safety concerns that must be addressed first?
What, if any, other damage is there?
How did the widow break?

We always urge our clients to put their safety before anything else. Closing a room off, or even leaving for more secure shelter in inclement weather may be advised. Nothing should come before your wellbeing.

If applicable, we may ask you to assess and do some of the following while we are on our way:

If cracked and safe to approach, placing masking tape may prevent shattering.

If your home is now exposed to the elements, plastic sheeting may be installed, keeping clear of any dangerous debris.

Address temperature issues preventing bursting pipes.

Do Not attempt to remove damaged window yourself.

Do not approach shattered glass.

Keep away from unstable situations and leave the property if you are in danger.

We will work quickly to get your urgent window repair issues resolved in a safe manner. Call Lexington Window Replacement when you need window repair!